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Transforming products into powerful narratives that sell.


B2B Product marketing, go-to-market, and a sales enablement leader driving strategy and execution for high-growth results.

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Crossing the chasm.

Messaging and Positioning

A strong brand and messaging strategy clearly communicates a core message. It creates an emotional connection between target buyers and a product or service and fosters loyalty, advocacy, and retention.

Market Intelligence & Reach

Gather and collate insights about target market to bridge the gap between product and customer, to better understand needs of the target personas and customers. Market intelligence allows one get information on market trends, challenges, solution fitment to make better business decisions.


Solution Fitment

To achieve a Problem-Solution fit, businesses need to align a relevant customer segment, an existing challenge being faced by the customer and a product that aims to address their underserved needs. This should convey a value proposition that attracts relevant buyers and creates awareness.


Buyer Personas

Buyer personas help keep businesses focused on addressing customer priorities instead of their own. Understand your target audience better by detailing out their roles, interests, and behavioral traits, to better determine their goals, pain points, and buying patterns.


Brand Voice

Every business needs a distinct brand. A brand voice is that distinct, unified and engaging personality that a brand uses across all of its communications. Aligning a business's mission with buyer personas as inspiration, can be a strong factor that encourages a customer to be interested in a company.


Elevator Pitch 

Brief, engaging and persuasive speech that sparks an interest in a company's offerings. Some key elements are - identification of a problem, positioning of a product, key value and benefit areas and a strong call-to-action to attract buyers to be interested in knowing more.


Problem Statement

A problem statement is the focal point of a business that gets people interested in a company's and it's products and services. Create a concise and clear explanation of the customer challenge and problem that the product/business aims to address and resolve.  


Competitive Advantage

Competitive differentiation puts a company's product or service in a more superior position and conveys how they stand out against other alternatives, with a unique set of attributes that cannot be achieved otherwise, ultimately helping attract more customers and grow market share.


Market Positioning

Define where a product or service fits in the marketplace and why it is better than alternative/ existing solutions in the market. The goal is to distill who the target audience is, what their needs are, and how the product and uniquely help solve customer pain points.


Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. Define a single, clear and compelling statement that conveys how a an existing customer problem is being addressed by a solution and includes significant quantifiable and buyer-specific intangible benefits of the product/service. 


Messaging Pillars & Proofpoints

Messaging pillars help define the fundamental points that set a company apart from their competitors. It must convey some examples of proven success with other customers, demonstrate a completeness of vision, and the ability to stand out of the competition.

Experience is everything.

Let product take center stage and drive acquisition, retention and growth.

Product-Led Growth Marketing

Marketing plays a significant role in supporting product-led growth driven by customer insights.

Communicate proven product value 

Articulate the story of a product and communicate its value in a way that resonates with customers, drives adoption, and inspires word-of-mouth advocacy


Become a crucial part of conversion cycles

Implement targeted promotional strategies across use cases and channels to maximize lead generation efforts and maximize on conversions.


Use Insights that inform product positioning

Align product and value creation by utilizing data to make informed strategy decisions that line up with the reality of the market and customer pain-points.


Empower customers with the necessary tools

Empower customers with the necessary tools and support to ensure that users continue to experience value and return from the product.

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Go-To-Market Strategy

Plan and execute an array of initiatives to build brand, create demand and drive success across relevant sales channels. 


Sales Enablement and
Customer Success

Creating touchpoints across the customer journey to empower sales teams and promote customer success.

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Customer-first game plan for scalable and repeatable high growth.


Value-Centric Sales Engagement

Deliver constant value by providing compelling and engaging training, knowledge and content assets that enable buyers.


Align Touchpoints to Buyer's Journey

Provide a holistic experience to both buyers and businesses by tightly mapping both buyer and seller journeys.


Technology-led Processes

Support the modern-day sales enablement functions by a stack of technology for seamless scalability and operational growth. 


Align to Revenue Objectives

Focus on the larger picture of driving revenue and align sales enablement efforts to facilitate strategic business goals. 

Aligning sales and marketing is half the battle for growth for B2B SaaS & tech companies.

Content Marketing


Engaging content that start conversions and
drive conversions.


Understand the customers, business needs, evaluate trends and get inspired.


Curate expert and engaging content by being the voice of the customer.


Amplify content and reach by distributing it across the right distribution channels.


Define success metrics and measure impact for continuous improvement.

Demand Generation

Grow a strong pipeline with a comprehensive demand generation program that builds brand awareness, and curates thoughtful, engaging content that drives interest, cultivates leads and maximizes growth.


Drive Awareness

A solid brand awareness approach leaves potential customers with a lasting impression of a company and its products, making them more likely to become longterm customers.


Content Marketing

Providing content that addresses buyer concerns and needs while they move through the purchase journey builds purchase confidence and brand/product credibility.


Targeted Account-based Marketring

Design target personas based customers that are most likely to convert and/or grow, to directly address and aid them in the major steps during their purchasing process. 


Focus on Buyer Journey

Maximize conversions and reduce sales cycles by focussing on each stage of the journey and deliver on important touch-points respective to each individual stage.  


Lead Nurturing

Create a strong lead nurturing strategy from first contact through conversions and focus on providing appropriate content and assets to facilitate their purchase decisions.


Digital-First Partner Marketing

Promote company's products and services to the right audience at the right time by partnering with the right partners to spread your message digitally. 

Generate customer insights with the right mix of strategic, operational and tactical metrics.

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